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  • How to get the PERFECT tattoo transfer and what solutions work the best!

  • Learn the "KISS Method" for proper tattoo aftercare!

  • Discover the BEST TATTOO INKS you should use when tattooing...I will reveal you the brands that top tattoo artists recommend!

  • Learn how to land a GREAT tattoo apprenticeship the right way!

  • Discover the WORST locations you can put a tattoo!

  • Find out the TWO most important SPEEDS in tattooing!

  • Learn the RIGHT way to fill large areas of color or black!

  • Discover the BIGGEST mistake when doing black and grey tattooing!

  • Learn this one CRITICAL tattoooing mistake before you ruin another good tattoo!

  • How to do tattoo lettering the RIGHT WAY...and the EASY way!
    This method will make your lettering look perfect!

  • Discover the proper COLORING SEQUENCE when applying color tattoos!

  • Learn the SIX TRUE CAUSES of really bad outlines and how to avoid them!

  • Fundamental shading tips you must know!

  • Discover the "Best of the Best" Tattoo Machines on the market...which one's the PRO'S RECOMMEND!

  • The SECRET METHOD to make your color "POP" and show up stronger and bolder!

  • Learn how to keep your stencil on the skin with ALL lines intact and flawless!

  • Learn this one CRITICAL error about tattoo may be doing it right now and not even realize it!

  • Discover the BEST TATTOO SUPPLY HOUSES on the market! These aren't reaveled anywhere else but in this guide!


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tattoo tips


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